For Over 100 Years

Importers & Roasters

Eagle Coffee has been in the business of importing, roasting and delivering fresh, great-tasting coffee for over 100 years. We’ve been perfecting our craft and developing relationships with the world’s best coffee growers since we opened our doors. We are proud to be a family–owned and operated company, and we are dedicated to serving our customers and our community.


The values we live by

Our dedication

Great coffee should be fresh, delicious, and approachable. It should be roasted with care and served with skill.

We believe in investing in people and relationships. We believe in making things by hand.

We believe in hard work and craftsmanship.

We always try to do things the right way, even if it’s the hard way.

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Our motto

Great coffee, Great people

The folks at Eagle Coffee Co.

We believe these things because we know they make a difference. They make the world a little bit better, and that’s something we’re proud to be a part of.

Today you can find our coffee in fine restaurants, cafes and supermarkets across the east coast.

Our mission is to responsibly source coffees from around the world and roast them with care. Coffee is part of our DNA. Our company was built on a foundation of sourcing high quality coffee and roasting it to perfection for our wholesale customers.

On Display at the Baltimore Industrial Museum



Our founder Aurthur Stergio immigrated from Greece and founded a coffee importer and roasting company serving the Baltimore metropolitan area. 
The American Dream